Tour of Britain / Cheltenham Borough Council

Led by Angie Petkovic and Kelly Ramsay to deliver a six month project.

As part of the sense of place strategy and community engagement initiative, Cheltenham Borough Council secured a stage finish of The Tour of Britain 2018 to end in Cheltenham. It was their goal to help put Cheltenham on the map by hosting an internationally-acclaimed event.

Key Results

The project was very short-term, being appointed in April 2018 for event delivery in September 2018. In that time, we:

  • Secured £125,000+ worth of sponsorship and corporate hospitality sales
  • Created the brand, website content and social media content for The Cheltenham Festival of Cycling 
  • Organised the Corporate Hospitality in full, including finish line viewing and guest speakers including Paralympian Mel Nicholls and Gold Medalist Matt Gotrel MBE as well as a meet and greet with riders.

Services provided

Angie and Kelly were brought onto the project to help drive the commerciality of the project, minimise costs for The Council, and provide strategic oversight to ensure the event met the needs of commercial partners. As part of the project we delivered the sponsorship model and sales function, as well as designing, developing and delivering the Corporate Hospitality.


What the client says

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for all your ideas, guidance and hard work in helping us achieve what will be a great event for the town. What I have seen first-hand is a lot of rolling up sleeves, flexibility and getting on with the job both in work hours and out of work hours. And what a range of jobs – transport management, writing blogs, creating websites, H&S, business planning, liaising with blue lights, highways, tree pruning, painting bikes, erecting bikes, social media, community liaison, hospitality….the list goes on.  I have enjoyed working with team members which with my normal working hat on I wouldn’t work directly with.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you and really shows dedicated team work and how flexible we can be as an organisation." - Tracy Crews, Director of Planning, Cheltenham Borough Council  

"It's very rare that you get this support; the warmth and the friendliness of the people of Cheltenham and Cheltenham Borough Council, Cotswold Tourism, it's quite emotional. The warmth and the friendliness and the support was unprecedented" - Mick Bennett, Race Director, OVO Energy Tour of Britain