Marketing Gloucester

Led by Kelly Ramsay as in-house Marketing Manager and Angie Petkovic as external consultant.

The destination marketing company, developed as a partnership with key stakeholders in the City, namely Gloucester City Council. We worked together for 2 years alongside their in house team.

Key Results

The City of Gloucester has been through a significant regeneration programme and some of the work we completed includes:

• Rebranding the destination information

• Developing the marketing strategy to sit alongside the physical regeneration

• Developing a city-wide promotional toolkit including lampost pennants, signage and posters.

• Creation of new signage at Gloucester Bus Station to give more of a welcome to visitors

• Key driver for the development of a business group, all with the aim of improving the city

Services provided

Overall strategy, design & print, customer journey planning, email marketing, point of sale / footfall drivers, day-to-day support, stakeholder engagement initiatives, branding. 

What the client says

“apt marketing & pr are unlike any other creative agency I’ve worked with; they’re enthusiastic, professional and motivational.  There will always be a solution to whatever problem you task them with, I have worked with most of the team now on a variety of projects and they all have the same attitude and approach to projects, which is to achieve your objective, within budget and on time” - Graham Walker, CEO, marketing gloucester ltd